Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan – The African Origin of Christianity


The Nile River.

Nile River The Nile River may be the longest river on this planet. On this page connected with Interesting Africa facts we list many details of this amazing Africa landform. In this list you’ll find information on such things as the location where the river begins and stops, why it has been so important during … Continue reading The Nile River.


Memphis is the ancient Egyptian city that served not just as an important city but also as the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom. It was the home of many pharaohs, including King Tutankhamun, and it remained an essential city throughout history, until its demise around the time of the rise of Christianity … Continue reading Memphis

The Twa (Cwa) (Manding)(Anu)(Skraeling)

The ancient people of Kemet/Etiop/Alkebulan were the first people every to circumnavigate the world, they are at best 4ft4 for females and 4ft9 for males on average.They are responsible for most of the megalithic monuments we tent to take for granted.I don't use the label (pygmie) because it is disrespectful,They were tough and Formidable with … Continue reading The Twa (Cwa) (Manding)(Anu)(Skraeling)

Heru-em-Akhet (Sphinx)

(G/R Harmachis) - "Heru-in-the-Horizon" Heru-em-Akhet is not truly a Name of Netjer, but a divinized persona specifically applied to the great Sphinx stationed before the second pyramid (Khafre) at modern-day Giza. As protector of the Old Kingdom necropolis, Heru-em-Akhet sits facing the dawn and the Nile, watching that no one disturbs the rest of his … Continue reading Heru-em-Akhet (Sphinx)

The StoneHenge Story

The stories behind this site are just another attempt to take credit from ancient Kemites/Africans/Egyptians.Most people don't even know why it was there and the reason it was constructed. This site is a giant version of the one at the Napta Playa site in the Nubian desert. These places were sites for Astronomical use and … Continue reading The StoneHenge Story