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Horace King: Slave owner? Architect/Bridge Builder!

Black people are sooo gulible.... We will believe anything the caucasian says without proof. It's similar to them telling us/natives they own the land and showing us a paper written by them indicating they own land they stole/took. They owned the land alright the proof is showing us some random paper/document while holding a gun… Continue reading Horace King: Slave owner? Architect/Bridge Builder!

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Black Panther! The truth behind the movie!

It's a movie about what it means to be black in both America and Africa—and, more broadly, in the world. Rather than dodge complicated themes about race and identity, the film grapples head-on with the issues affecting modern-day black life.

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Cherokee Nation Kicks Out Nearly 3,000 Black Members

The NEW native is nothing more than a mixed race of African, Asian and Caucasian nothing more and from some reason i have YET to fathom, they seem to think they are some sort of coveted race everybody likes!?!