Black Troops Were Welcome in Britain, but Jim Crow Wasn’t: The Race Riot of One Night in June 1943

I think the impact these soldiers had by volunteering was the initiation of the Civil Rights movement, ’cos these soldiers were never going back to be discriminated against again. None of us were.

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South Africa’s Richest 3,500 Own More Than The Bottom 32 Million

Explanations for exactly why inequality remains such a dogged feature of modern economies remain scant. For Chatterjee, this is because of a “lack of focus and analysis of wealth inequality in contemporary economics – and the social forces that maintain it – as the central pillar of understanding pervasive economic inequality”.

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Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough – BBC News

https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56858158 Sooo after all these years they have only managed to find a vaccine that is 75 to 77 percent effective?!? i dont believe that at all. They have had enough time to NOT only find a vaccine but perfect one to eliminate the virus but had not done it...i ask you why?? i can… Continue reading Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough – BBC News