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You have been lied too…

Because everybody believes it does not mean it is the truth! What you think right now is what you think you know but that is not true. You have been lied to for a very long time but you don't have anything else to compare to the lie you have been told,so you believe what… Continue reading You have been lied too…

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The Exodus: Jewish History, or Ancient Semitic Memory?

A whole institution was created on a lie! You can disagree if you want but the evidence in documented.SG64 by Julia FridmanThe Exodus is arguably the most famous of all of the Biblical tales, yet there is no real evidence that it ever actually happened. At least, not the way that the Bible says it… Continue reading The Exodus: Jewish History, or Ancient Semitic Memory?

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The Money in AIDS Medicines!

There's lot's of wealthy people making money off drugs that treat the symptoms of all the ailments of society as a whole, Aids/HIV is just one of them. SG64  South Africa was suffering acutely from AIDS, and the country had the highest absolute number of people infected. With an average income of $2,600 per year, few South Africans could… Continue reading The Money in AIDS Medicines!