7 Great Ancient African Empires

1. The Kingdom of KushThough often overshadowed by its Egyptian neighbors to the north, the Kingdom of Kush stood as a regional power in Africa for over a thousand years. This ancient Nubian empire reached its peak in the second millennium B.C., when it ruled over a vast swath of territory along the Nile River … Continue reading 7 Great Ancient African Empires

Africa/Kemet SHOULD be Recolonized

Yes, Africa SHOULD be Recolonized, But this time by us, Africans. Sungod64 approves of this idea! To be African nowadays in Africa is to be an outcast.If you worship our ancestors and practice Vodun, you demonizedIf you keep your natural hair and dress african, you are ridiculedIf you speak and write in our mother languages, you … Continue reading Africa/Kemet SHOULD be Recolonized

The Ancient Black Pharaohs!

Ancient Black pharaohs were considered to be both divine deities as well as mortal rulers. Throughout the 30+ dynasties in ancient Egyptian history, it is speculated that some 170 or more rulers reigned over the great land of Egypt during a three thousand year time span. The throne of Egypt was primarily intended to be … Continue reading The Ancient Black Pharaohs!

Queens of Kemet!

In ancient Egyptian times, men had most of the power. And even though it was part of the Royal Wife’s duty to produce as many heirs as possible, sometimes she achieved co-regency and ruled the land. Many people can name Nefertiti and Cleopatra as ruling queens of Egypt from the past, but in fact, there … Continue reading Queens of Kemet!