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You have been lied too…

Because everybody believes it does not mean it is the truth! What you think right now is what you think you know but that is not true. You have been lied to for a very long time but you don't have anything else to compare to the lie you have been told,so you believe what… Continue reading You have been lied too…

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White Supremacist Inbreeding in Chawosauria

This is Not my article, im reposting it.SG64 THIS ARTICLE IS INTENDED TO INSULT WHITE SUPREMACISTS!"Whites need to do everything necessary to keep our blood pure"—Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII responding to criticism for his marriage with his adopted sisterIn Chawosauria, where White Supremacists and Nationalists do exist in the Empire, the vast supermajority of White… Continue reading White Supremacist Inbreeding in Chawosauria

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The Money in AIDS Medicines!

There's lot's of wealthy people making money off drugs that treat the symptoms of all the ailments of society as a whole, Aids/HIV is just one of them. SG64  South Africa was suffering acutely from AIDS, and the country had the highest absolute number of people infected. With an average income of $2,600 per year, few South Africans could… Continue reading The Money in AIDS Medicines!

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Largest HIV Epidemic in Crisis: HIV in South Africa

The Money in Aids Medicines South Africa has the biggest HIV epidemic in the world, with 7.7 million people living with HIV. HIV prevalence among the general population is high at 20.4%. Hmmm.... Not by accident! SG64

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Invading African countries(Reason):Oil Reserves, Precious Metals etc

The reason America, Britain, Europe and China continue to invade Africa is simply because of the Oil and precious metals the Continent has. Invade destabilize and take over. These countries have had no historical problems until the colonizers came. European Invaders expanded their empires by aggressively establishing colonies in Africa so they could exploit, extort and export… Continue reading Invading African countries(Reason):Oil Reserves, Precious Metals etc