So Will Smith Think’s doing this will get him some Respect?!?

I hate to see us acting out in public like that but this is just the worst and it didn’t have to happen. Will smith has been dealing with is Nasty ass hoe of a wife for years and he can’t do a thing about it. He has had to deal with her putting their business all out in the streets on social media, admitted her affair with a male singer crushing his career and being very public about, being a as a matter of fact about the situation like there is no love or commitment.


I blame Will and his wife but i blame will for allowing it to get to this point. If you pay attention they are not really sitting together either and he is too damn soft to in an instant turn in to a tough tony type and check another black man (comedian) for making a mild joke about his wife which i thought was not really funny it worked.

This was the Oscars and the last thing we need to do is bring attention to us like that on the night they normally don’t celebrate us and never award us for our work. After all the protesting and boycotting we turn around and show our ass like that?!? This made me mad, sad and sick all at the same time.

I was a Will Smith fan until that night at the Oscars and now i will no longer watch any of his movies, support anything he does, FUCK Jada and their whole crew! That was the worst thing you could have done to another BLACKMAN ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! SG64 p.s. You a bitch ass N word for that WILL!

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