Racists are trying to incite a race war!

On May 14, 2022, ten people were killed in a mass shooting at a Tops supermarket on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, New York. The shooter livestreamed the attack on Twitch. A suspect is currently in custody. He had previously posted a manifesto describing himself as a white supremacist

I have studied the mind of racists and they all have one thing in common and that is the hatred of Black People all over the world! This is proven by the treatment black people get and have been receiving for thousands of years all over the globe.

They also want to wipe us from the face of the planet but fail to realize that if we die they die too. With the historical inability of their women to have babies enough to offset the pace of mortality they risk ending their own race just because they hate us.

They have proven that they are willing to sacrifice their own just to get rid of us but that is the thinking of a dumb racist. The smart ones know they need us to survive and have made strides to address this by promoting inter-racial relationships but only the ones that involve white male and black female but the smart ones also know that they would never get away with that and it looking soo one sided so they have included some or a few black male white females relationships just to legitimize it. Lol

So but the end result is that they hate us but need us and this has created a problem for them, it also doesn’t help when everyone is not on code. Example the shooting in Buffalo NY. This boy had been reading too much social media BS and probably has parents that are racist too so that just confirmed it for him.

This is not going to stop anytime soon so be prepared for more of the same, it has been open season on black males specifically this decade and they are not done with us because there is NO incentive NOT to do this stuff to us. The police always take good care of racists who kill black people, they never fire a shot, they never beat them up, ruff them up, give them a swollen eye or anything so this is a sign that it is OK to shoot and kill black people, they do it and get-away with it so you can too! SG64

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