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The Reason The tv series The Underground was/is so important……

I was always a public (channel 11)broadcast watcher as a kid i watch all the time. i don’t know what channel it maybe in other cities but people know what i mean. When they started showing the underground i was not interested in seeing it,i thought like a lot of other people of color(here we go again)we didn’t need another slave drama and was full of all the dramas before it.So i just so happen to be flicking through channels and decided to tune in to a public broadcast program normally i would watch Nature( i luv dat stuff)or something about the planet,you know.I caught a trailer of the Underground and decided to tune in.I will tell you……After i finished watching the program i was instantly HOOK-LINE-AND-SINKERED!I was tuned in each and every episode and couldn’t get enough of the program.I have studied my history and other races as well so i knew what i was looking for and some of the stories i came across i also saw in the program and to have a part of history acted out on tv in front of you is golden and nothing can beat that.This is why it’s so important for this show to continue to be aired because NOT only for the Historical significance but that it tells the stories that we all wondered about but had to take the word of those who dictated the versions that we hear and read about all the time,this time we can hear and see what happened and how our people felt and endured.

This story telling is very important to our kids,they need to know what happened and to be able to see examples of the situations that lead to our current situation now.I think this could and should serve as a tool to help prevent the assimilation of our brightest and smartest young males and females navigate through the every day trappings of white supremacy and racial hatred that plagues our country and work force/economie. They have to see the struggle to understand the importance of hard work and dedication.I hope the series didn’t fall into the racial void of denial like everything that bring light to other peoples behavior does,when they don’t like something that brings light to them…they crush it very quickly so this program may be a casualty of it by accident but we know what this is about:They don’t like seeing themselves in a negative light anymore and wish we would move past it and hopefully forget about it. Sorry. We won’t forget and i will continue to speak and teach about it until i make my transition. Sungod64


Driven by the dr

eams of a courageous blacksmith named Noah, some plantation slaves in 1850s Georgia band together to attempt a daring escape. The

fight for their lives, their futures and their freedom leads to Noah’s risk-filled plan to travel hundreds of miles away via the Underground Railroad. The landmark 10-episode anthology is created by Misha Green (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Joe Pokaski (“Daredevil”) and co-executive produced by John Legend, who also oversees the series’ score, soundtrack and musical elements.

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