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The Land bridge Myth!

A new study led by University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers found that the Bering Land Bridge’s climate became wetter and warmer about 15,000 years ago, a change that likely encouraged the first human migration from Asia to North America.

What is the Bering land bridge theory?
The Bering land bridge is a postulated route of human migration to the Americas from Asia about 20,000 years ago. An open corridor through the ice-covered North American Arctic was too barren to support human migrations before around 12,600 BP.
When did humans cross the Bering land bridge?
As of 2008, genetic findings suggest that a single population of modern humans migrated from southern Siberia toward the land mass known as the Bering Land Bridge as early as 30,000 years ago, and crossed over to the Americas by 16,500 years ago.This is a reckless Lie!
The current inhabitants are just the latest version of the original Natives that lived here before any other humans,they were called: The Ancient Manding!
Was the Bering land bridge made of ice?
Bering Land Bridge. North America and Asia are separated today by a narrow ocean channel called the Bering Strait. … The Bering Land Bridge environment was very dry, so most of it remained free of glaciers throughout the ice age. (Glaciers are made from snow and ice, so if no snow or rain falls, a glacier cannot form).
Where did Native Americans come from?
The ancestors of living Native Americans arrived in what is now the United States at least 15,000 years ago, possibly much earlier, from Asia via Beringia. This is a Bold Face Lie!
The ancient(Africans) Manding(you might know them as the current Bushmen) came to America more than 100,000 years ago via circumnavigating the world and this was just one stop on the world tour!They came here on boats and hit land via the southern most tip of the South American area known as Tierra del Fuego!

The Bering Land Bridge connected Asia and Alaska when sea levels were much lower during the last glaciation. The bridge provided an opening for the dispersal of people from Asia into the Americas.
The trend of voluntary migration within North America has been one of complexity, resulting in a substantial amount of diversity and dynamic cultures. In prehistoric times, people of Asia and Africa migrated to North America by accident. They were nomadic tribes following herds of Woolly Mammoth, crossing the Bering Land Bridge and settling in a completely new world.

Later on, many groups of people migrated from Europe to the “New World” for a variety of reasons. Some were seeking freedom of religion, while others were driven by the three g’s, God, gold and glory. Many were searching for a better life and new opportunities on the open frontier of North American. This region of the world is still a major zone for voluntary migration. Currently, the Mexican-American border is the global top migration corridor, America has the highest number of immigrants in the entire world, and Canada is one of the leading destination for immigrants.

The Asians didn’t come close to making it here(America) that way! (land Bridge), they came later around the late 18teenth century long after the Spanish Conquistadors invade Mexico and occupied the land for at least a hundred years . They didn’t come till very late in the 1800’s because it was no evidence of culture coming from Asia that shows them actually making an impression on the local natives.  This is how they trick you into believing they came from the north but they didn’t, they only tell you half the story and this is the part they feel is most acceptable, the powers that want to take credit for coming to America and take credit away from the REAL people who came here long before they even existed as a race.

The caucasian didn’t make it to America till the Vikings landed north in Greenland and that was about 900 CE. Eric the Red the leader of the Viking hoard at the time was exploring northwestern UK and decided to try to explore the New Land, he made it there and decided to try and set up a colony but was met by a great fighting force known as the Manding/indigenous tribes of north America.

They Vikings called them the skraeling or Lapps. they wooped Eric’s ass and sent him packing back to Europe. The next attempt got him killed by an arrow from the native people so his son Leif (Ericsson) tried and succeeded only for a short period of time, only around two years, they gave up and came back home to the UK where they were undermind by religion . The Manding were too strong even for their diminutive size. This story is not found on any site or Google, wikipedia  etc. This is too much truth for the controlling powers so they want you to believe their made up story so it fits their narrative. SG64

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