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Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough – BBC News


Sooo after all these years they have only managed to find a vaccine that is 75 to 77 percent effective?!? i dont believe that at all. They have had enough time to NOT only find a vaccine but perfect one to eliminate the virus but had not done it…i ask you why?? i can answer that..there is money in a medicine that mask the symptoms. They have been making money for a long time,cheating and lying to the good people of Africa,they didnt care then and they dont care now. The problem now is that other countries want to colonize the continent again so they can control all the precious metals and oil. The people of Africa have been deemed a problem for these private companies and corporations. They will stop at nothing to eliminate my people for the chance to rape the various resource rich countries in Africa.

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Bill Gates has done it and has increased his networth by 50 billion dollars now so they want to make a vaccine to further mislead the people. The time has come for they have run out of patience,the long con is off the board,its time for the short con now. A vaccine is nothing more than a quicker way to get rid of the people and or sterilze the women even further than they already have.SG64 Foot note:The so called Malaria discovery was made by Patrick Manson in 1877 that mosquito could transmit human filarial parasite. This gave them the idea to infect mosquitos as a bio weapon to play the long con on the people but we have proven stronger than they thought so they had to eccellerate the plan and end this bio war with the people of Africa and bring to a close the fight for control of the land. https://clearwest.org/2021/03/13/the-money-in-aids-medicines/


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