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The Reasons People of African/Slaves Descent… Will Never Get Reperations.

History has claimed that it is easier to control 100,000 people than it is to control 1000 people.

The reasons the Japanese were able to get Reparations from the US Government is because they provide evidence they were capable of hurting the US. 1941 Pearl Harbor. They have a country to go home to, they have an army to defend it if they feel threatened, they have a government to call upon to represent them if they feel unheard.

Reparations for slavery is the application of the concept of reparations to victims of slavery and/or their descendants. There are concepts for reparations in legal philosophy and reparations in transitional justice. Reparations can take numerous forms, including: affirmative action, individual monetary payments, settlements, scholarships, waiving of fees, and systemic initiatives to offset injustices, land-based compensation related to independence, apologies and acknowledgements of the injustices, token measures, such as naming a building after someone, or the removal of monuments and renaming of streets that honor slave owners and defenders of slavery.

Black Americans have non of that! We have nothing to bargain with, we have no army to defend us against the established order, we have no home we have a working connection with that would allow us to come if we feel threatened, we don’t have a connection with our ancestors we come from, we have no one on our side to help force this government to sit down and discuss a payment plan to give us compensation for the atrocities/harmful actions that have been committed against us for 270 plus years and more.

The government has engaged in psychological war fair to continue the abuses created by the males responsible for enslaving black Americans in the first place. We have been through all a race could ever go through in a place most of us didn’t initially come from. We have been forced to work for FREE and never paid a dime in compensation for our hard work.

The mental and physical toll it took on us and the mortality aspect of it also is directly attributed to being enslaved. This government has some many abuses it has forced upon us till it seems almost like a horror movie when listed and named.

There is no amount of money that would or could make up for this evil of the Caucasian in America but he should be willing to do something to show us he has learned his lesson and is very sorry for what he has done to a race of people. This my friends is wishful thinking on my/our part, he refuses to own up to his blatant abuses, he refuse to apologize for his forced enslavement of our people, he won’t even discuss a chance to sit down and discuss this issue with us.

He is in denial about his role and responsibility, he has profited so much from slave labor that he is convinced he should be rewarded for doing it because it birthed a nation, a country, a force on the world stage that commands the respect of all nations around the world. He won’t do anything to right the wrongs of slavery, he won’t sit down and talk about a solution to this problem, he does not see a problem because he was not the one enslaved.

He (the federal government) will not do a damn thing to fix what he created and he won’t even allow it to be discussed in schools because he don’t want his kids to have to feel guilty because of what HE did in the past and continue to do right now. I would say Black People keep fighting for what is rightfully ours but again this is not going to happen.

One of the reasons why it’s not going to happen is because alot of private companies rely on cheap labor, the poor, single mothers, the incarcerated and the working poor. This is a billion dollar industry they have created and there are multiple fortune 500 companies that profit from our labor, the political system benefits from using the poor to help make policies to help these companies profit.

This is a well oiled machine we(they) have here and i can see no way it stops just to satisfy the atrocities it has committed against us, there is NO incentive to correct the abuse and mis treatment at the hands of this government and it’s wealthy benefactors. The real tragedy is that we(Black Americans) have become players in our own demise and i see no change in the near or distant future to convince me we can succeed in our quest for justice. SG64

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