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Indigenous Women: You helped start Humanity!

people forget who started the world or humanity,they forget that women of Ancient Alkebulan/Africa/kemet are the women who made it possible for all of us to exist today. They were considered the most beautiful women in the world.

Up to maybe a thousand years ago every woman on the planet wanted to look like them,be them,wondered what it would be to experience life as a beautiful black/moor/kemite/egyptian women.the Romans and the catholic church saw to it that this couldn’t be the reality anymore so the campaign to unseat black women started with the trinity,mother and child.Mary and so-called baby Jesus,after that the monalisa was deemed the most beautiful woman in the world.WTF?!?

I will digress and teach you about your origins,without black women there would be now fashion industry,no Americas top model,no makeup industry,no industry to use to cater to any one that is female.The original women were 4ft 4″ to 4ft 6″ and they gave birth to Humanity as a whole,in today’s terms they would be considered(midgets)little people or lil women.

These women birth the greatest men that ever lived,they nursed the most fierce warriors,the most renown king’s or Pharaohs ever.They produced the greatest mind to ever walk the earth(Imhotep)and the only multi-genius to ever exist.Our women have been beaten down and thrown in the gutter socially,physically,mentally,culturally and politically.

It’s time for our queens to wake up!It’s time to take your rightful position as queens next to your kings!Ladies,start by searching into your mind to find that woman that existed in ancient times and ask her to guide you to give you the strength to deal with your enemies and their tricks.

They need you to help them keep their populations growing faster then their mortality rate,without YOU they will not last another 150 years!They need you/your dna to continue to fuel the racism/white supremacy they need to exist as the overlords they are now.

Don’t let your enemies trick you into believing there are no kings out here,that’s what they want you to believe.They want to keep us from one another so they can continue to rule un-challenged.Our culture is only as strong as our women! Ladies we need you to wake up and find your king,he is out there,you have to want a king to find one.The first step to righting this ship will be with you under/overstanding the role YOU play in this racial game of chess! Sungod64

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