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Human Ascension: Will it ever Happen?

What is the point of ascension?
Ascension in its basic spiritual or mystical sense can be thought of as the highest state of Man (humanity). It is the expansion of awareness. It involves the realization of being ONE with the Creator and all of creation.

Most people think they are good or (God) fearing folk. The fact is,we are the worst. The reason 99%of humanity will never ascend is because of 3 core factors: 1. Mental Stagnation,we refuse to change the way we see things and articulate because we have allowed ourselves to be controlled mentally,that has a lasting effect on our psychiatric ability to understand our mentality.Ascension.jpg.opt860x315o0,0s860x315

Until we break out of this deficiency we are going to continue to devolve. 2.Our social abilities concerning our culture,we can’t seem to understand that we have been taught to see ourselves a certain way.The tailoring of our society has influenced the way we see ourselves and has (for the most part) given us a false sense of knowing that fashions our thought process.

The things we see and understand are the very things that influence our lives and cultural awareness socially. 3. Our religion and the way we see ourselves as worshipers. The Faith’s we follow tend to mold our views of other people and what they believe,our religion is in a sense holding us back and what I mean by that is the way we call our faith and teachings correct and just is just another hurdle or road block on the road of togetherness.234a4-archon2b-2bascension

We say we are nice, honest,hardworking people but we are quick to judge people who don’t believe the same thing we do! Christianity has a redundancy that forces the follower to automatically judge a person’s views if they are not the same as theirs. That in itself is a contradiction that SHOULD go against all Christians values.

Yet people still label you in the eyes of Christianity different than they are. This goes against the basic laws of man and togetherness. If we are what we claim to be under our religious freedom we shouldn’t label,judge,profess our religion to anyone at all,because it automatically draws a line in the sand so to speak.Sometimes-people-don-t-want-to-hear-the-truth-beca

If you believe in a religion,that is fine. If you believe in peace and togetherness for all man,this is the way we can ascend past religious beliefs and become more as humans. Religion shouldn’t be a label we wear,it should be personal and should never be known unless it is the subject of conversation between two consenting adults. If we say we are good people,we have to act like good people and never use religion as a tool to divide because that is what it is designed to do. Sungod64

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