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Cherokee Nation Kicks Out Nearly 3,000 Black Members

This is the biggest( the kettle calling the skillet black) bunch of bullshit(subverted) by $5 fake Ass natives i have seen today! This stinks of saltine influence all over the place! The NEW native is nothing more than a mixed race of African, Asian and Caucasian nothing more and from some reason i have YET to fathom, they seem to think they are some sort of coveted race everybody likes!?! I don’t care about them fake suckas because they took the blue pill and did what their oppressors instructed them to do, now they claim to be so pure and claim to be the descendants of WHO? They don’t even know their full story because saltines tricked them into believing they would be better off not seeking or finding out the true story because it would cause a whole big confused situation with the slaves and the black people. Yea yea we know what they was trying to do, to keep them fools from knowing their true history and aligning with black people to fight back and everything that comes with rebellion. They are no different than the Semites/Arabs, the same type of race of people or the east Indians from India, same thing. Those black freedmen there have MORE rights to be called Native American than the fools who currently profess to claim the label. SG64

Cherokee Nation Kicks Out Nearly 3,000 Members
These ARE NOT Native American, these are Caucasian people making decisions posing as Native people and what are they doing? What else!?! Discriminating against black people like they ALWAYS DO!
Cherokee Nation Kicks Out Nearly 3,000 Members – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma — The Cherokee Nation kicked out nearly 3,000 members Monday. They’re the Freedmen, descendants of black slaves once owned by Cherokee Tribal members.

The tribe’s supreme court has upheld a Constitutional amendment requiring all the Nation’s citizens to have at least one Indian ancestor on the federally-authorized Dawes Rolls.

Monday’s ruling brings an immediate end to the citizenship of around 2,800 descendants of former slaves once owned by the Cherokees.

“They Favored the Public With a Dance”; Warriors of AniKituwha; Eastern Cherokee dancers recreate traditional dances on the Palace Green;

Freedmen say they’re not finished fighting.

“It’s my humane right. This is more of a human rights issue than anything else. So this, to me, in my lifetime, this is the biggest human rights issue,” said Kenneth Payton.

Freedmen say it’s also about money. They want the medical benefits and tribal services other Cherokees enjoy.

The tribe says it’s about sovereignty, and say Cherokees should be able to decide who can be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Freedmen say they're not finished fighting.

Freedmen say they’re not finished fighting.

In 2007, the tribe voted to amend the Constitution to allow only people with an Indian ancestor on the Dawes rolls to be citizens of the Nation.

Since that time, those 2,800 non-Indian Freedmen descendants have kept their rights of citizenship until the case could be resolved.

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