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Black Panther! The truth behind the movie!

You can agree or dis-agree it makes no difference to me. We have been duped again and again. I loved the movie, i understand the importance of a movie/ super hero like the Black Panther but at what cost did we have to pay for the character and the movie to include Mr Boseman? If i know my enemy correct he knew the importance, he knew the significance of a black super hero. He also knew the level of technology it would take to bring this character to life the right way so i think he decided to attach conditions that would enable him to make money off of this character for many years.

The draw back from these conditions would mean that somebody would have to pay with there life and normally it is the person playing the character, you have to remember that we are in a world that looks down on Ancient Black Stories and have made a huge effort to stop the reveling of them for fear they would wake a sleeping Giant.

The story that was decided upon was written by black people but influenced by caucasians on purpose to control the narrative. Trust me your enemy will never tell you the truth unless HE gets to tell it the way he sees fit. So we can’t be mad because if we continue to allow them to tell our story, write, make, influence the narrative about us we will never know our truth selves. Chadwick was sacrificed in exchange for the role of The Black Panther but he didn’t know it, i think he did know he would have to pay in some way but he didn’t think it would be with his life. Yes Hollywierd is just that “WIERD” and Sinister!

Marvel and the brass knew this movie was gonna make a ton of money but they didn’t expect that it would be a smash hit! They did put in place stipulations for the movie to be controlled by Marvel/Sony for future ways to influence and control the narrative because it would be an opportunity to influence black minds from 4 to 94.

This was a win win for the brass and now it won’t be any more good movies coming from this particular franchise because the deed was done. They threw us a bone with the first one but now they have our attention so it’s time for all the brainwashing they can conjure up to throw at us in the coming sequels.

Chad only got 10 mil for the role, they under paid everyone on the movie because they didnt think it would be that important but they did know that if it was able to make money they would tie it into the other movies just in case they will never pass up an opportunity to make money off of us, Chads fate was already decided when he got the role because they didn’t want to create a messiah/black man with influence bigger than hollywierd and it was just a racist and evil thing to do to him anyway. That’s why we will never get anywhere waiting on them to do anything for us so why wait? We are smart enough to make our own movies but as you know……….we can’t stick together nor can we have a conversation about anything that would leed to progress. Why? Because we can’t even agree to dis-agree! This is just my opinion…SG64

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