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We have become a Menace to this Planet!

We are alien to this planet, we have not come to terms with our role in conjunction with the ecosystem that developed before our arrival. We have no respect for the lower forms of living creatures, we have no respect for the land, air, water, ecosystems that have become dependent on these systems to operate smoothly and as designed. Our minds are giving us the god complex which in turn has made us(in our minds) judge, jury and executioner!

We make decisions based on our survival and not the survival of the planet. We have become so wrapped up in our own heads we have neglected the existance of other lifeforms that rely on this planet to survive and flourish. we think we are smarted than most of the animals or lower life forms but in reality…we are not! Our actions have proven that time and time again.

We have damaged this planet to the point of no return and we still don’t realize the symbiotic relationship we share with this planet and we refuse to put provisions in place to at least get the process of repair in place. We have beings in power that don’t care about this planet because they are planning to leave an infect another one. If we don’t start now we won’t be here in the next 100 years.

This rock is unique and we have yet to realize that. We have taken it for granted for too long and we have to change but the current race in charge has no reason to care because he knows he is an anomaly and shouldn’t exist, so he doesn’t care and is going to leave before it becomes too bad for him but he can care less for any other race because he is not suppose to be here anyway. SG64

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