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The enemy within!

This is a repost. Sungod64 The biggest enemy of our progress is the current African elite.Who are they and how to recognize them:1. They have achieved a social status by association with the colonial apparatus. It means if we will ban English or French in Africa tomorrow, they will lose everything including themselves. If you’d… Continue reading The enemy within!


Racial whitening in Brazil!

Racial whitening, or "whitening" (branqueamento), is an ideology that was widely accepted in Brazil between 1889 and 1914, as the solution to the "Negro problem." However, racial whitening specific to Brazil also encompasses the perception of individuals as being white in relation to their position in the class system. Supporters of the Whitening ideology believed… Continue reading Racial whitening in Brazil!

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The Reason The tv series The Underground was/is so important……

I was always a public (channel 11)broadcast watcher as a kid i watch all the time. i don't know what channel it maybe in other cities but people know what i mean. When they started showing the underground i was not interested in seeing it,i thought like a lot of other people of color(here we… Continue reading The Reason The tv series The Underground was/is so important……

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Queen/Pharaoh Hatshepsut The 1st female Dual Leader!

Hatshepsut Hatshepsut, meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies, was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty. Although contemporary records of her reign are documented in diverse ancient sources, Hatshepsut… Continue reading Queen/Pharaoh Hatshepsut The 1st female Dual Leader!