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What if: Nazi Germany Taught Judaism!

Yes! What if the Nazis created and taught a field of study called: Jewology, would jews attend the classes? Would the Nazi Germany be allowed to getaway with creating and putting this field of study into universities, schools and colleges? Would there be money around to support this endeavor and see it to completion? Would there be a school that would allow it to be taught? Would the nazis be allowed to travel all over the world teaching this new field of study? Would the jewish community allow it to be done or created?

The Anti-Nazi Boycott of 1933 | My Jewish Learning

Would the most influential jewish scholars and prominent figures come out and denounce it’s creation?!? Would there be government bills floating around in a heart beat trying to put an end to it or would they wait and see if they get enough backlash for their constituents to do something about it!?! Would Israel rise up and start a war with Nazi Germany? Would this turn into WW3 with the US participating in the war too?!?

Would this lead to the Nazi German allies and Israel ducking it out for respect and the US (Privately) supporting both like they did with in the WW2 allied conflict with Germany where private companies and persons with wealth supporting both sides. What im saying is WHY THE HELL ARE WE sitting back and accepting other people( YT)(Arbs) doing this very thing to the History of the African/The African in Egypt! https://clearwest.org/2021/08/11/germany-agrees-to-pay-namibia-e1-1bn-over-historical-herero-nama-genocide/

Why are we standing around and with our heads up our asses allowing this to happen? Why are we PARTICIPATING in this travesty of our culture and race by allowing this BS field of study to exist without our consent?!?

Egyptology/Archaeology - Leiden University

Black/African/Kemites/ I’m very disappointed at this attack on our Story, you have all the proof in the world to know and see what has been done to our ancient ancestors, the desecration of our ancestors tombs, funerary resting places, the Pyramids, the complexes and the Valley of the Kings Mastabas resting complexes.

This is a violation of our rights as humans and our rights to choose our story and how it is told. The blatant disrespect given to our ancient Kings, Queens and noble participants did not deserve to be unearthed/disturbed/studied/X rayed/chopped up/ground up/used as bitters and made fun of… https://clearwest.org/2021/03/24/the-exodus-jewish-history-or-ancient-semitic-memory/

Egyptology Photograph by Dennis Cox

The very last thing a black male or females needs to do is allow a person of another race that has had any ancestor/people/scholars who have historically committed atrocities upon our ancient ancestors/our race and has systematically changed/modified/omitted/fabricated/erased/changed or academically abused the truth of our story should NEVER be allowed to say A DAMN THING ABOUT OUR STORY AND TRUTH! SG64 If you have a lil common sense all you/black people need to do is read books written by black authors who have done their work, attend programs that feature black scholars as the professor of the study/class being taught. Never allow your enemy to teach you your story, he will never tell you the truth.

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